20 de diciembre de 2006


The lithography is a stamping system where the artist draws, paint or transfers one image on original stone whose origin dates from about 120 million years. Through this means, and for almost two hundred years, artists have deepened their vision and extended their reach while they produce multiple work copies excellent of art. Aside from the potential of the lithography, the utility of means is so that limited editions can be produced with relative facility and are received in the market of world-wide art like viable original works.
Directed to visual artists, printmakers, designer, painters, professionals and students.


During the complete course of lithography each artist will make a lithography on stone with an edition of up to 3 stamps each one. The stones already will be prepared, granulated, presensitized and prepared to draw.
The drawing and preparation will make the artist attended by the assistants.
In Module I one will work net with the litography concept, red German with anyone of its tools, as well as transfer of drawing and the photographic transference.
The lithography ink can be worked with pens, plume and brushes, allowing to obtain a well defined subtle drawing. With the photographic transference or of image on the stone, a rich and interesting work is obtained much more that with direct transfer on paper, also allowing to make a serial work.
Within this Module also one will work with the system of scraped or erased (similar to the "black way") defining different shades and sensible lines that east litográphy system offers.
During Modulate II and III will be used ink, crayones and lithographie pencils, to transfer of drawing and photographic transference, watered higrade down French inks of, drawing tousche, mix, and mixed techniques and in Module IV each artist will work with more than a stone applying the learned knowledge, intensifying the unit between the technique and the image, prioritizing the personal work of each artist.

Bordabehere 3574 Sáenz Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
30 minutes of downtown; as opposed to the train station Fernandez Moreno of the General Railroad Urquiza, to 2 blocks of groups 161 - 123 - 105 (all go to downtown) and to 1 block of the taxi stand.

Phono: 005411-4757-1787
Mail: centrodeedicion@fibertel.com.ar

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